Strength, experience, persistence honed over half century hard working.
Our bearings deliver high/ultra high-speed performance and unique design for high axial and radial load.
Dedicated to offer you customized, in-time and economical solution.
Main products
Precision bearing
Customization according to the specific performance need of
customersHigh accuracy, high-speed performance, high rigidity
100% of P4 grade V4 group, highest grade of P2 achievable
Industrial bearing
Excellent cost performance
Covering a wide range of industrial fields
Competent for multi-varieties and small-batch
Material for rings
Long-term stable supplying of
domestic and imported outstanding high-quality steel.

Particular control on O, Ti, S, P and other important elements,
oxygen content ≤10ppm, to secure longer lifetime and better reliability.
Auxiliary material
Rolling element | Retainer | Grease | Sealing
Optimized design and selected material to match specific
application of customer.

Comprehensive control procedure to secure each part in
harmonious fitting.
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Advanced heat treatment technology through salt bath
quenching method.

Superior hardenability, uniform hardness, limited distortion.

The heat treatment procedure can be precisely customized
according to requirement.
Numerous accurate CNC machines making mass production
in excellent stable quality.

The precision of Hembrug turning equipment to develop fast samples
in the same quality through grinding machine.
Numerous automatic grinding lines to fulfill mass production capability.

Automatic dimension inspection synchronously carried out
during grinding to significantly improve the quality consistency.
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Fully automatic assembling flow:
components feeding → rolling elements sorting →
rings and balls' matching → retainer installation → grease filling →
sealing pressing → cleaning.
Excellent quality consistency is guaranteed.
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In-house laboratory is responsible for
standards' verification and constant measurements from
initial design to finished product.
Performance testing
Integrate customers'different applications and our half century's
knowledge and understanding, we have designed various performance
testing machines to prove quality's reliability and consistency,
to make bearing work well invarious working conditions.

1. Fatigue lifetime test
2. Temperature and humidity test
3. Salt spray test
4. Sealing performance test
Technical services

Bearing selection
Load analysis
Life time calculation
Special design
Failure analysis
Management Certification
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO/TS 16949