Air compressor bearing
Product Type:
Single-row angular contact ball bearing (Angle B)
Four-point angular contact ball bearing

Product Features:
Low friction, low power consumption
High bearing capacity, extend bearing service life and equipment maintenance cycle
Single-row angular contact universal matching group bearing, in high consistency

Developed products:
QJ211N2, 7206BTN, 7208BTN, 7212BTN, 7310BTN, 7312BTN
Silicone oil fan clutch bearing
Product Type:
Deep groove ball bearing
Double-row angular contact bearing

Product Features:
Specially designed sealing structure to prevent silicone oil from entering into the bearing inside
High temperature resistance to 200℃, special grease, prevent grease aging in high temperature

Developed products:
AMF6007, AMF6207, AMF3206, AMF3207
Planetary reducer bearing
Product Type:
Deep groove ball bearing
Angular contact bearing (718AC, 719AC series)
Double-row angular contact bearing(32, 33 series)
Tapered roller bearing

Product Features:
High turning accuracy
Low friction heat, low noise
Bearings for elevator tractors
Product Type:
Self-aligning roller bearing (Type E)

Product Features:
1) High loading capacity: The bearing capacity is improved by using larger diameter and more rollers
than the CA type (copper cage).The carrying capacity is increased by 10%~20%.
2) Low grease leakage rate: Although the number of rollers is increased, the remaining space inside
the bearing is increased due to the obvious reduction of the volume of E-type iron cage compared
with CA type copper cage, and the grease leakage rate of the bearing is improved.

Developed products:
BS2-2210E~BS2-2219E, BS2-2312E, 21315E
New Energy Motor Bearing
(High speed Motor)
Product type:
Deep groove ball bearing

Product Features:
1)High speed capability: Dmn value up to 1 million
2)Working temperature: suitable for -40℃~+150℃
3)Even at high speed and low temperature, there is no low temperature squeal
4)The limit temperature is allowed to reach +150℃
5)Maintenance free: grease lubrication, bearing maintenance free
6)Low friction heat, low noise

Developed products:
NE6006~NE6008 & NE6205~NE6209 & NE6306~NE6308
Agricultural machine bearing
Product features:
1)Leading design concept and quality control technology
2)Leading sealing performance, aligning performance, loading capacity
3)Various standard and non-standard structure design:

inner hole:
six cylindrical hole, square hole, square hole,

outer ring:
cylindrical, spherical shape,

sealing structure:
single lip seal, double lip seal, three lip seal, complex structure

Developed products:
6200 series, product supply range: 6202~6212;
6300 series, product supply range: 6304~6310;
G series, GW series, GY series, P series, W series, YA series and so on
Turntable bearing
Product type:
four-points contact ball bearing

Product features:
1) Internal structure: four-points contact structure can withstand larger axial load and overturning moment.
It is a kind of large size bearing with special structure that integrates supporting, rotating, driving,
fixing and other functions.
2) Different installation mode than ordinary bearings, this kind of bearings are installed from the side to the
main engine through threaded holes distributed in the circumferential direction, which are generally suitable
for low speed and heavy load conditions.
Wheel bearings for forklifts
1) after a long period of development and test, dozens of special wheel bearings for forklifts have been
developed in this field.
2) They cover ball bearings of circular and curved outer ring and roller bearings of concave outer ring,
so as to meet variousrequirements of different customers.
3) At present, this kind of bearing has been widely used in many famous forklift main engine manufacturers
at home and abroad,and has won a good reputation in the industry with its excellent product performance
and stable product quality.
Textile machinery bearings
1) With more than 50 years of research and development history, we are the earliest domestic research
and development enterprise for this field of bearings. At present, by using domestic leading design concepts,
process control technology and product quality control technology, the high speed performance,
reliability and service life of all kinds of products have been verified in a wide range of applications.
2) The developed products can cover most of the textile machinery and equipment, such as spinning, weaving,
printing and dyeing equipment, sorting equipment, chemical fiber spinning, non-woven fabric equipment, etc.,

Applicable bearing types:
Standard or non-standard deep groove ball bearings
With/without insert ball bearings
Complete /with cage needle or roller bearings (such as: roller bearing, CAM beating-up bearing...)
Linear motion rolling support
Thrust ball bearing
Connecting rod bearing
Deep groove/Angular contact ball bearing
Eccentric disc bearing
Industrial robot bearing
Product Type:
Angular contact ball bearing
Thin Section Bearings
Four-point angular contact ball bearing
Cross roller bearing
Flexible bearing

Product Features:
High rigidity
High load
High rotation accuracy
Lightweight structure
Easy assembling