GEMEC manufactures a wide range of rolled rings and forged rings in different material grades.
With state of the art production equipment, GEMEC manufactures the broadest range of seamless rolled rings. Based on the outer diameter of the rolled rings, GEMEC manufactures rolled rings from 200 mm up to 9,500 mm; based on the cutting weight of the rolled rings, GEMEC produces rings weight up to 30,000 kg. The rolled rings manufactured by GEMEC can have a height up to 1,600 mm and a width up to 1,000mm.
The rolled rings at GEMEC focus on meeting its clients' needs for the following products:
Rings for flanges / Rings for gearboxes / Rings for reducers / Rings for bearings / Rings for rotor and stator / Rings for slew rings / Rings for brake discs / Rings for couplings / Retaining rings / Rings for shafts / Support rings / Fastening rings/ Rings for seals / Rings for tyres / Rings for gears